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(All death penalty cases require a village of awesome teammates.)

14-Oct-13 Timothy Rogers v. State

Mr. Rogers was on South Carolina's death row from Spring 1994 until October 2013.  It's official. Mr. Rogers has left death row for good.  He accepted a sentence of a term of years on March 16, 2015. 

20-May-13 Haselden v. State

Sentenced to death in 2001, Mr. Haselden left death row for good in 2003.  He received a life sentence in 2013.

02-Mar-12 Elmore v. Ozmint

Edward Lee Elmore was on South Carolina's death row from April, 1982 until June, 2010. He  walked out of the front door of the courthouse completely free on March 2, 2012, after the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals vacated his convictions and sentences. He accepted an Alford Plea on that date.

16-Sep-11 Riddle v. State

Mr.  Ernest Riddle was sent to South Carolina's death row in February of 1986, and left there for good August of 2006. After his death sentence and convictions were vacated, Mr. Riddle accepted an Alford plea and walked free July 31, 2015

01-Jun-06 Spann v. State

Mr. Spann was sentenced to death in 1982.  His convictions and death sentence were vacated on newly discovered evidence of innocence.  He left death row for good in April, 1999.  After Mr. Spann's conviction and death sentenced were vacated, Mr. Spann eventually entered an Alford plea and has been a free man since 2006.

01-Jun-06 Southerland v. State

Mr. Southerland was on South Carolina'sdeath row from 1991 until 2006. After his death sentence was overturned in 1999, Mr. Southerland was subsequently resentenced to life in 2006. 

01-Jun-05 Ted Benjamin Powers

Benji was on South Carolina's death row from 1996 to June, 2005, when he left death row for good. He was resentenced to a Life sentence after the U.S. Supreme Court held that execution of a 16 year old offender violated the U.S. Constitution; a link to that opinion is included below.  



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